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REVIEW on EcoSkinLove Products!

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After finishing all of the products shown above, I think I’m finally up and confident in posti


After finishing all of the products shown above, I think I’m finally up and confident in posting my own review of the following. ☺️ AND YEP, ganun katipid gamitin at ngayon lang naubos!????
Ms. Gee of @ecoskinlove was kind enough to send me these products for me to try and after 2mos of usage, I’m glad I was given the opportunity to test them myself. Thanks, Ms. Gee! ????

• Oatmeal Honeybar helped my skin in minimizing the oil production, also great in exfoliating! AY GRABE!! Di nako nagmamantika kahit hindi ako mag-blot ng 6hrs! One more thing, it significantly minimized my pores and blackheads around my nose. This soap is a must-have! The scent is great too! Smells like chocolate???????? AT HINDI BASTA BASTA NATUTUNAW.
• Witchhazel Toner is great in keeping the acne away! Mga beh, di ako tinitigyawat talaga! Promise! Ibang klase!! I used to have pimples on my chin area and around my mouth. But after a few days of religiously using the toner, takot nang mag squat ang mga pimples sa face ko!
•Grapeseed Oil… IBANG LEVELZ!! Best in removing acne marks! Talagang iwawash out niya ang mapait na alaala ng nakaraan. Wooh!! Also, I noticed that my skin was brighter! Amongst all of these products, ito lang yung tuwing gabi ko lang ginagamit. (i have a diff moisturizer for daytime usage) After application, the next morning, my skin would feel so supple and smooth and radiant. Just ugh!!! ❤️ Lakas maka-GGSS!!
•Scar Fader Stick wasn’t only used to remove the prominent acne marks, but it also removed the scar on my right hand that I got from burning myself. Take note that the scar has always been there since 8mos ago prior from using the product. AMAZING, YES?

As you can see, on the upper photos, my skin was dull and I have pimples and marks all over my face! The redness are.. Ugh… Disgusting too!!! ???? It was difficult to pull the #nomakeuplook! What a shame! ????

But now,  I’ve gained so much confidence that I can finally afford to go out and post Snap stories with JUST my brows on! ????????
Tignan niyo naman mga beh! My skin became clearer and brighter! ???????? Ahhhhh I’m so happy! ???????????? Just when I thought it could no longer be helped, biglang I was proven wrong! Thank you so much EcoSkinLove for the love!

(For price reference, please find them on Instagram: @ecoskinlove)

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